Cameron York

I am an investigator, a doodler, a printmaker and a sculptor. My work is a personal attempt to understand the world. I create bits and pieces of candy coated realities that have dark and rippling undertones, hinting at the cross between danger and play. My childlike hand is what carries me through the various mediums and topics I address in my work.

In my prints I incorporate found scraps of paper, luminous colors, and hand working to complement my symbolism. I use various other media such as watercolor paint and graphite to accentuate my etched imagery. I build a visual history through layers, giving a sense of depth. My symbolism is often represented with bright, fresh colors.

I carry my spontaneous hand into my sculpture work, creating physical forms and textures that mirror the symbolism I use in my print work. My sculptures look as though they blossomed out of the drawings in my prints and sketchbook and became three dimensional. I find that I also carry the idea of repetition from printmaking into my sculpture work, harnessing the neurotic need to make multiples.

The art I create is a reflection of my surroundings with a twist. It exposes dark undertones via the lighthearted vehicle of color, shape and texture. Tackling subjects that are tense with a candy coated demeanor makes it more easily accessible to a public audience. My work strives to entice emotion and dialogue out of the viewer.